2016 Course Renovations (Coming Soon)

Green Renovations 

Update Message to Members


Osprey 2 Green
Osprey 3 Green
Osprey 4 Green

 Work has been progressing on our greens renovation project thanks to the efforts of our outstanding grounds crew!  As you drive around the course you will notice the tremendous amount or work that has already been done.  Pay particular attention to the renovations being made to the drainage systems on the greens. Check out these pictures to see some of the work in progress.  We will continue to keep you posted with updates and more pictures in the future.


Photo 1
Heron #1
Photo 2
Osprey #3
Photo 3
Osprey #3
Photo 4
Heron #4
Photo 5
Heron #4
Photo 6
Heron #4

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Golf Green Renovation

"The Board of Directors has engaged the services of Dr. Ron Duncan, Ph. D., Turf Ecosystems LLC, to evaluate our failing greens and make recommendations on how to address the problems.  In a nutshell, the greens are failing because accumulation of compacted salt over the years together with poor drainage has resulted in a soil mixture that will not support new growth of the grass.  Following his advice, we have decided to totally renovate the worst 9 greens.  These we have identified as holes 1,4, 8 & 9 on Heron and holes 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 on Osprey.  We will continue to maintain the remaining greens throughout the growing season.   

There will be ongoing maintenance on the remaining greens throughout the growing season. Luis Olivarez, our golf course superintendant, will oversee the renovation.  Turf Ecosystems, LLC, will be available for advice and assistance as needed.

 We understand there will be some inconvenience to our golfers during this period and we ask for your support, indulgence and patience.