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BSGAC Membership Information

Welcome to the fun of being a BSGAC member!

Sign at StreetEnjoy all the Activities, Classes, Social Life, Dining, Games and Golf at BSGAC. Help keep our Club vibrant with new members. You will enjoy the warm welcome and camaraderie of our members and staff.

Membership is open to everyone wherever you live.
Our Membership Year runs from Nov 1st to Oct 31st
with renewals due by Oct 15th each year.

Membership begins with a basic Activity Membership to which you can add Annual Golf or Seasonal Golf Membership and Trail pass.  The Club is now also offering a Gold Card Membership with a House Account as an option to the Activity membership.  Range Memberships and Student Memberships are also available.  A 6% sales tax must be added to all membership fees. 

INITIATION FEE:  The current Initation fee is $800.00 with your application.  To protect your investment in the Initiation Fee, you need to renew annually by October 15th.  If membership is allowed to lapse, rejoining will be as a new member with the applicable Initiation Fee at the time of rejoining.  The Initiation Fee goes with your property and if you apply to transfer your membership it may be passed on as a credit in the amount you paid for the Initiation Fee toward the Initiation Fee at the time of the transfer.

TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP (Click to view Guide to Transfers) You may apply to the Club using the Transfer Form to have your Membership transferred to a new owner of your property. Please return your membership cards with the form.  New cards will be issued to the new owner. The new owner must file an application and pay any difference in the Initiation Fee beyond your credit.  They would then need to renew the membership by October 15th each year. 

RENTAL UNITS:   Owners of Rental Units may take out Activity and Golf Memberships for their rental units.  This will give Activity Membership privileges to all who stay in the unit.  If you add Golf Membership, it can only be used by a specified individual or couple during any one stay.  The owners of rental units must register their tenants with the office and obtain temporary renter’s cards for the tenants using membership privileges during their stay.  Rental Unit Owners may also fill out the Listing Application to list their unit in the Rental Listing on web page.  This listing is a great place for people seeking a rental that will give them a chance to enjoy membership at Burnt Store Golf & Activity Club.





Activity membership provides for the members, their household and their guests

* Use of the Clubhouse according to policies

* Eligibility for all Clubhouse Activities, Classes and Excursions

* Eligibility for Activities, Linkside Socials, Bulls Club, Anglers Club and Photography Club

* 15% Discount for Golf, Golf Carts, Golf Lessons, Range Ball Tokens, Club Rentals and Handicap            Service.

  *Optional Gold Card Prepaid House Account for Members.  The Gold Card earns 10% on every $100 deposited and may be used for Event Tickets, Golf & Gift Shop Merchandise and Linkside Cafe purchases.

* Lending Library and Onsite WiFi

* Office Services – Copies, Faxes, Notary and Postal Services.

* Affinity Program of discounts from area businesses

* Web Site and Email Blasts communications

* Games: Bocce Ball, Croquet, Darts, Horseshoes, Bean Bags (Corn Hole)

* Eligibility for morning golf leagues, scrambles and most golf
      tournaments and events

* 5 day advance tee times for golf

* Summer Golf Reciprocals

An optional  addition to Activity Membership that is available
throughout the year with a minimum deposit of $100.

*  Establishes a prepaid house account giving the member the privilege of charging  food and beverage in Linkside Café, ticket sales in the office and merchandise in the Golf & Gift Shop to their   personal account.  May not be used for golf or for postal and office services.

* All deposits made to Gold Card accounts must be by check or cash in increments of $100 and may be made anytime the office is open.

* The funds in the account may be carried over from one membership year to another.

* A bonus of 10% will be added to the Gold Card member’s account on each $100 deposited.

GOLF MEMBERSHIP must be combined with an Activity Membership. 
Golf Privileges are specific to the Golf Member.

The best value is an Annual Golf Membership for Couples and Singles.  We also offer Seasonal Golf Membership for play November 1st to April 30th. A Summer Seasonal Membership is also available for play May 1st to October 31st. A Trail Pass for the use of a personal golf cart on the course may be added to any of these Golf Memberships.

Golf Membership Privileges are specific to the Golf Member. You will have all the privileges of your required Activity Membership PLUS

* 7 Day Advance Tee Times

* Eligibility for golf leagues and ALL golf tournaments
        and events

* Free GHIN Handicap Service

* Free Range and practice areas

* Golf Rounds

* Option for Trail Pass for personal golf cart in lieu of rental cart.  Trail passesd will be honored at check in.  All golfers must check in before playing and show their receipt to the starter.  Cart stickers will no longer be used.

* Quick Self Check in – for Golf Members with Trail Passes only

RANGE MEMBER for couples or singles provides for free use of the Range and Practice Area plus the Activity Membership privileges.


for November 1, 2016 to October 31, 2017


A 6% Sales tax will be added to all membership fees. 
Gold Card Accounts are not

INITIATION FEE must accompany Membership Fees upon application
and requires annual renewal by October 15th

In one payment now of $800 with application


In two payments of $400 – one with application and one within 60 days


A Gold Card Membership option is offered  throughout the year with a minimum deposit of $100 by check or cash.  

GOLF MEMBERSHIP requires Annual Activity Membership fee in addition to the follow fees:


ANNUAL SINGLE TRAIL **          $     700.00    
ANNUAL COUPLE GOLF                   $ 2,500.00                     
ANNUAL COUPLE TRAIL **        $ 1,000.00     

** personal golf cart in lieu of rental

SEASONAL GOLF MEMBERSHIP May 1 to Oct 31  Nov 1 to Apr 30
SEASONAL SINGLE GOLF      $  400.00   $ 1,400.00
SEASONAL SINGLE TRAIL  $  200.00    $     600.00 
SEASONAL COUPLE GOLF    $  700.00     $ 2,000.00
SEASONAL COUPLE TRAIL       $  300.00             $     800.00     
 RANGE MEMBER  Single  $325.00   Couple  $450.00

APPLY TODAY AND JOIN THE FUN!   The application forms are available in the Clubhouse.

Information on payment methods and mailing instructions are contained on the both of the application forms.

RESIGNATION:  A resignation of membership must be submitted in writing using the Transfer of Property or Resignation Form.  The membership cards are to be returned with the form.  If you are moving you can transfer your membership to your new address or transfer it to the buyer of your unit.  Every member is very important to the Club and we would appreciate a chance to discuss any considerations of resignation with a member before a resignation is submitted. The Club is a member operated club and membership fees are crucial to providing the Club’s services.

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